Southern Samatha Centre


We are excited to let you know that we have now found the property, and our offer has been accepted! We need to raise £675,000 by Friday, 20th October 2017 in order to complete the purchase.

Click here to see our page about the property and here to find out how to donate.

Southern Samatha Centre


Dear Samatha Friends,

Unfortunately, we have just heard that our purchase offer for the house in 15 Bradwell Road, Milton Keynes, has not been accepted.

We are very disappointed. Eleven of us had visited the property and thought it was the right one.

We were up against a competing offer. Ours was the higher of the two, and we had made a good personal contact with the vendors.

But in the end, the time delay required to resolve a ‘change of use’ process with the Milton Keynes Council planning permission department before being able to proceed to Completion put them off.

The search continues. We are likely to encounter the same problem if we are competing against other buyers who do not need a ‘change of use’ application, especially within urban areas such as Milton Keynes. It may be that we have to find access to a different type of vendor and property, or another way of addressing the change of use process.

We will keep you informed.

All the best
Paul B, Fran, Vijay, Amber, Charles, Dave, Rachael, Gwil, Paul D, Rakesh, Imdad

Project timetable for the SamathaSouth Centre


Late March/Early April
  • Pledging letter/e-mail sent out to Samatha members in the south.
  • Pledging section of website goes live for 8 weeks.
Mid May
  • Steering group meets to further define types of properties/areas that would be suitable for a centre.
End of May
  • Pledging exercise finishes.
  • Steering groups uses results of pledging to estimate amount of money that can be raised towards a centre.
  • Steering group members consult with local Sanghas on possible choices for a centre.
  • Searching for properties continues in order to identify suitable locations and types of properties and to understand implications of planning laws in different areas etc.
  • Further discussion and development of finance options.
  • Expected completion of Manchester Centre extension.
  • Progress report to all Samatha members.
  • Steering group is in a position to make offers on suitable properties.
  • Appeal to be launched when a property is found.